22 June – 10 July 2020
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My son enjoyed the camp very much, looked forward to going each day and was excited telling us about what he got up to.

I think he would definitely like to go again in the future.

I would like to thank you for all the work you put in and wish you every success in the future.


– Tim

My daughter and son really enjoyed the camp. My daughter particularly liked the scratch and my son liked the minecraft and website building.
They will be doing it next year.

Thanks for a great week.

– Walter

My son thoroughly enjoyed his time with you learning new computer programmes and making new friends, his only complaint was that the week went too fast. Many thanks for giving him a great experience.

– Cathy

Hi John & Team,

Our son describes Techcamp as one of the best weeks of his life. Each day after camp he was bursting with details of the day. He said it was a fun way to learn.

He would have loved if there was a second week even at a later date to continue learning more.

As parents we have to say he was so happy at camp and is still trying to continue with everything he has learnt.

You have a great course here and one happy student.

Best of luck.
– C & K

I would like to say just how much I enjoyed Techcamp. I really enjoyed how easy it was learn(of course a good teacher helps!) I found the pace of learning was very good. I loved how we got to sample different kinds of computer programmes and design. I think there was something for everyone.

I especially enjoyed the website design. I liked that we got to make it our own and I feel that it was something anyone and everyone could do. I think using pixlr to create and edit images was something that would appeal to the more crafty people. Using Scratch to make games was very fun. I liked how it was simple to use but the end result was impressive. And everything could be customized. The stop motion animation was a little tedious at times but it was definitely worth the effort. And Minecraft, where to start? I don’t think there’s anyone who attended who could say the didn’t love Minecraft by the end of camp. I’m hooked for sure! It was good to learn how to create our own texture packs but what I found best was learning how to modify the multiplayer game with JavaScript. I liked learning JavaScript and hope to learn some more.

I really enjoyed the overall experience. And the mints! I found the camp very informative and I will definitely use my newly learnt skills in the future. It was fun and I made some new friends…I feel I have written a bit much. But thanks for the great camp. I will recommend it to my friends. 🙂

– Sadhbh

My son had a great week and is really looking forward to the next camp..

– Marie

My son really enjoyed techcamp. Kept a bored teen totally motivated and engaged. Shame was not longer. Do you have an advanced one coming up?

– Theresa

I thought the camp was just amazing. I cant remember having so much fun and being continuously interested and challenged at any camp.

I thought every day was better than the day before and I was getting worried as the first day blew me away, I loved it so much. I loved using Javascript with mindcraft. Great to know about online tutorials so I can work away myself if I want to after the camp.

I really enjoyed the feeling/atmosphere in classroom. I also loved meeting Catherine at the start and end of each day. She was just lovely. Words for the camp from me would be: just amazing, fun, really interesting, challenging, insight into another world and over much too soon. Thank you and Catherine so much for a great experience.

– Emma

My daughter, loved going to the camp. When you consider that she did not want to go at first this is a great outcome. It gave her another insight to computers, other than Facebook.

Well done.

– Michael

I enjoyed the camp and learned alot at the camp and am looking forward to the next one. Thanks for a great week.

– Adam