22 June – 10 July 2020
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Writing the code for a graphics tablet

A few months ago I brought my graphics table into one of the CoderDojo sessions I was running so I could use it to “scribble” notes on my screen. Of course many of the kids that were there had never used (or seen) a graphics tablet before so I let them play around with it. As with pretty much all technology, the kids took to it like a duck to water.

So it got me thinking… could we make our own graphics tablet. A few hours later and “hey presto”…



The graphics tablet we programmed allowed us to pick one of three colors to draw with (blue, red or green). We used the mouse to draw and by pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard we were also able to increase and decrease the ‘pen-size’ (the line thickness). Pressing c cleared the screen of all drawings and pressing h hide/unhide the menu bar at the top (the area that has the pen-size and the three colors).

All in all it was a pretty cool project and one that is not that difficult to code. It’s one I will definitely be showing the Tech Campers.

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