22 June – 10 July 2020
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Learning the basics of programming through animations

The Croons

So who saw The Croods? Cool or what? I love animations, always have, and even though I am not that good at drawing I really enjoy trying to make my own. So today I rounded up the kids and decided to make a quick animation promoting Techcamp.

The end result is below. The boy walking is like a flip book that is constantly being ‘flipped’. In addition, there is code that moves the boy across the screen. There is also code that moves the airplane and car, both at different speeds. Finally, at a certain point in the animation there is some code that plays a recording my son made and then again at the very end of the animation there is code that plays a sound recording of my 3 year old daughter (that’s my favorite bit).

Creating simple animations like these are a great way of getting into programming.

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