22 June – 10 July 2020
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5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

TeachKidsToCodeBeing able to programme is fast becoming a life skill. There are many reasons why everyone, especially young people, should learn how to programme :

  • Programming is essentially problem solving, first understanding what the problem (challenge) is, then breaking it down into a series of steps. Everyone needs to be able to do this, yet all too frequently I meet 3rd level students who find it difficult. Maybe it’s because our kids spend too much time in primary and, in particular, secondary school simply learning stuff off (rote learning) and not enough time problem solving.
  • It really is empowering. I love being able to write my own computer games, build web sites and design & develop mobile apps. Most of all, however, I love being able to write computer programmes that read sensors (thermometers, barometers, tilt switches, light sensitive resistors, etc) and do something based on their values (send a text, update a website, turn on a light, etc). This type of programming is often referred to as Physical Computing.
  • It’s fun. You would be surprised what I can do to Minecraft simply because I know how to programme.

Here are some more reasons:


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